Security services for all types of objects. We are here for our clients 24 hours a day, protecting their interests is our priority mission.


Basic security services include guard service. We provide a guard service for various business entities as well as individual clients. We have years of experience and sophisticated know-how for various types of objects. We guard the types of objects from the smallest administrative areas to large logistics centres as well as for objects of significant importance, sporting or social events of varying range.

For specific contracts we will develop a precisely specified security protection project. The project presents the results of the audit, analysis, evaluation and subsequent recommendations and defining procedures, range and individual forms of security. Every object or event is unique for us due to a constantly changing security environment.

Company SECURITY Agency s.r.o. is a holder of the watch service license number PS 0000953.

Bezpečnostné služby Strážna služba
Strážna služba

The security service works according to predefined plans, procedures and guidelines tailored to all possible situations in the protected object. We place particular emphasis on procedures and solutions of crisis and emergency situations to minimize potential damages and losses.

We use targeted control systems to achieve effectiveness of deployed resources. We also use selection and screening control procedures to ensure maximum service performance and customer satisfaction.

To increase the effect of the guard service, we use the latest technical protection technology. We can also use technology in mobile platforms, even for a certain period of time, in any space or client´s object. These mobile platforms, of course, reduce the cost for building the infrastructure needed to install the technical means of protection and the impossibility of changing them flexibly according to the changes in the object or the space due to changes in the security situation or the environment.


Scope of detective service provision

  • person searching
  • property searching
  • obtaining data that can serve as evidence in court or administrative proceeding
  • obtaining data on the personal status of a natural person and obtaining information on the conduct of a natural person or a legal person or about their property conditions
  • collecting information in connection with recovery of debts
  • obtaining data on unlawful action endangering business secrets
Detektívna činnosť
Detektívna činnosť

Spoločnosť SECURITY Agency s.r.o. je držiteľom licencie na prevádzkovanie strážnej služby číslo PD 000467


We perform personal protection services for individuals as well as family members. We perform these services on a continuous or time-bound basis based on customer requirements. Deploying of a personal protection service is preceded by a variety of preparations based on risk and threat analyses. Then we draw up a protection plan with an assessment of all aspects of effective security of a personal protection. Personal protection services are performed also for clients abroad in accordance with the laws of the countries concerned.

Osobná ochrana
Osobná ochrana


We perform protection with the help of motorized patrols for designated objects and client locations, of a large scale, significant importance, or in remote areas. Patrolling is performed at regular or random times and routes. The activity of the motorized patrol is carried out on the basis of a specially developed system of protection and response for the needs of individual designated objects and sites.

Mobilná hliadková služba
Mobilná hliadková služba


Security services also include special activities. They are targeted to clients for whom privacy and information protection is a priority, whether at home, at work or at various business meetings. This is an active search for industrial espionage devices. We use special technology for this service. We also do consultations on protection and security against information leakage.

We approach each client individually and we design the security system according to the exact specifications, requirements and circumstances of the contract. Our priority is maximum professionalism and flexibility in communication with the client, whether creating a protection system or dealing with various crisis events.

Špeciálne činnosti
Špeciálne činnosti


We provide consultancy and advisory services for our clients for deeper and better knowledge and understanding of the contents of the individual security components. Within the information provided, clients will get a better insight into the issue. Thus, clients can more easily consider interests appropriate for protection, the value of their interests, as well as cost evaluation of the costs invested to ensure effective protection. Within the counselling, we provide preparation of documents for determination of different degrees of protection and safety in different situations. The outputs contain several options with the description of the covered risks and threats as well as their degree of security and associated costs. The client can easier orientate himself and decide for a version of securing his interests.

Bezpečnostné služby
Bezpečnostné služby


Protection of companies against the legalization of criminal proceeds under Act no. 297/2008 Coll. on Protection against the Legalization of Income from Crime and on the Protection against the Financing of Terrorism and on Amendments to Certain Acts:

Creation of internal documents (regulations, guidelines, technical procedures) to prevent the illegal activity of persons (clients, other persons, employees)

  • processing of a program of self-employment for obligated persons (new program or its update)
  • training of employees according to the law (applicable legal provisions, program of their own activities, current knowledge)
  • elaboration of a plan of systemic measures – harmonization of business activities, documentation, information technologies and other activities of the company with the law and with the program of its own activities
Bezpečnostné projekty
Bezpečnostné projekty

Company protection against fraud and other economic and property crime activities:

  • security proposal processing:

–  by an alarm or other technical equipment
–  by information technologies (information flow leakage)

  • training of employees to identify unlawful actions (to prevent any damage)
  • detection of criminal activity (providing of evidence, representation before law enforcement authorities)